Caravan Electrics Central Coast

Your Caravan is only as good as its electrical set up

Safety is paramount when travelling and proper operation of electric brakes, safety switch, and lights is of vital importance.

Central Coast Auto Electrics are the experts in Caravan Electrics on the Central Coast.

They have vast experience setting up Caravan Electrics and integrating them with your vehicle. They even have enough parking space to work on the entire unit connected as it would be for a trip.

Hassle Free Road Trips

We can check your rig before a long trip, or after a period in storage to make sure that your rear lights and stop lights are visible to following motorists, reducing the possibility of a fine, or accident.

It is important to know that everything is in tip top shape, as you don't want your battery failing in a remote area, or a breakdown in wiring while on the road.

Why not book in for a check up for your caravan before that long road trip or weekend away, just to be safe.

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