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central coast auto electrics west gosford nswScot and his team are proud to be offering outstanding customer service at an affordable price to those seeking Auto Electric Services on the Central Coast.

We have four highly experienced and qualified auto electricians on hand to resolve any issue you may have with your electrics.

Auto Electrics

central coast nsw car vehicle auto electric repairs servicinigElectrical problems with your vehicle can be a real nuisance. From intermittent issues with lights, ignition,and batteries, to the vehicle not starting, or running out of battery power, your best option is to take it to an expert before your vehicle becomes disabled. We will be able to spot the problem and repair it using our sophisticated diagnostic equipment and experience.

We cater for all vehicles up to small trucks and include caravans. Don't waste your time with mechanics who don't have a true understanding of automotive electronics. Come to us and we will set you on the path to trouble free motoring.

Auto Air Conditioning

auto air conditioning service central coast nsw car vehicle auto electric

We are a fully licensed Air Conditioning Repair workshop with highly trained and qualified Auto Electricians to keep your air conditioning in tip top shape.

Whether it is re-gassing, compressor repair, wiring or a leak, we will be able to diagnose and professionally repair any issue, ensuring trouble free operation of your vehicle and air-conditioning or climate control.

Why not get a check up during the winter, before the heat sets in to ensure you remain cool and comfortable while driving.

Starter Motors

starter motor service central coast nsw car vehicle auto electric

Trouble starting your engine on cold mornings? Are you heading out on a long trip? These days, you can simply push start your vehicle, so it is more important than ever that your starter motor is working perfectly.

We will check wiring, relays and fuses, plus the efficiency of your starter motor to make sure it doesn't fail when you can't do without a working vehicle. If you suspect there is an issue starting your vehicle, why not come to us for a check up before it is too late.


alternator service central coast nsw car vehicle auto electric

Your Alternator supplies the power for your engine managements system, lighting and air conditioning, and keeps your battery in good condition.

A faulty alternator can lead to a flat battery, dim lighting, stalling and eventually a dead car, This often happens gradually, so you don't notice the issue until it is too late.

At Central Coast Auto Electrics we can diagnose the health of your alternator and if necessary offer a re-conditioned or new replacement to extend your battery life, and keep your car's electrics operating efficiently.

Caravan Electrics

caravan electrics central coast nsw

When you purchase a new caravan, you want everything working properly before you head off on that road trip. That means the whole electrical system ensuring your vehicle and caravan are in alignment with all lights, safety equipment and braking operating in sync.

Over the years, caravan owners have come to us as the go to workshop to set up or repair caravan electronics. We have ample room to park your whole rig and work on the complete set up off the road.

Come and see us to set up your new Caravan or Trailer, or to make sure everything is in tip top shape when you travel.

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